The Low-down on Getting Low: Combating Intraoperative Hypotension

Review this on-demand lecture to learn more about the anesthetist’s role in understanding factors that lead to hypotension, how to measure blood pressure, and how to properly address hypotension under anesthesia. Many injectable and inhalant anesthetic drugs cause some degree of hypotension. This can be caused by many factors including a direct effect on heart rate, afterload, preload, contractility, and/or systemic vascular resistance. Hypotension is one of the most common intra-operative anesthetic complications seen in small animal anesthesia. Here we will discuss how hypotension affects your patient and how to deal with some real-life scenarios you may find yourself in. Upon completion of a short survey quiz, you can earn 1 hour of RACE approved CE for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
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