Quality of Life and Euthanasia: The art of the difficult conversation

Watch this on-demand recording to learn more about navigating difficult conversations with clients. In veterinary medicine our clients serve as proxy for their pet’s wishes in almost every interaction they have with a veterinarian; from the decision to amputate a limb, chose surgical versus medical treatment, and even the choice to remove “life support” and initiate euthanasia is a common path that the veterinarian must walk the client through on behalf of the pet. Legally, the clients are in fact owners of the patient and our communication and established rapport with that owner is imperative if we are to gain the trust such that our medical knowledge will be put to use for the betterment of the pet and/or the treatment of a disease. Learning how to gain that rapport is where the rubber meets the road! A short survey quiz is required to earn 1 hour of RACE approved CE for veterinary technicians and veterinarians.
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