From home to the veterinary clinic and back – minimizing feline stress in the perianesthetic period

This on-demand webinar focuses on a cats experience from home to the veterinary clinic and back with an emphasis on minimizing feline stress in the peri-anesthetic period. Cats visit a veterinarian less often than dogs, which may be detrimental to their health. Reasons cited for fewer feline clinic visits include the stress for both the owner and the cat during the trip to the clinic, during the physical examination, peri-anesthetic and perioperative period. By educating clients on preparation for the journey, for example choosing the correct carrier and acclimating cats to carriers and the use of antianxiety and antiemetic drugs the reluctance to make a veterinary appointment can be greatly reduced. Educating all clinical care staff on feline behavior and handling is essential for a successful visit. Small changes in the clinic environment including the use of pheromones, separating cats from dogs (sight, sound, and smell) can reap huge benefits. This webinar will provide practical guidance on improving the feline visit for all stakeholders. To earn 1 hour of RACE approved CE for veterinary technicians and veterinarians, completion of a short survey quiz is required.

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