Think Anesthesia: Interpreting ECGs

Think Anesthesia®Interpreting ECGs, presented by Amanda Shelby, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia) provides the participantanopportunity onhow to correctlyplaceandobtain a Lead IIECG inan anesthetized patientand how to identify and respond to abnormal ECG rhythms. We review the normal electrical conduction pathway through the heart and how changes to this conduction pathway translate intovariations onthe ECGrhythmstrip. We explore normal ECG strips by calculating heartrateand characterizing thewaveform and rhythm. We also investigate abnormal ECGs and discuss their potential causes and treatment options.Upon completion of this webinar, participants will beable to successfully placean ECG ona patient and becomefamiliar with the structure of both normal and common abnormal Lead II waveforms.This presentation is RACE approved for 1 CE credit for both veterinarians and technicians. A short quiz will follow this webinar and completion is required to receive a continuing education certificate.

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