Connecting the Dots Between Shelter and General Practice Anesthesia

Watch our expert panel discussion on Connecting the Dots Between Shelter and General Practice Anesthesia. Our panelists, Dr. Erin Katribe, Dr. Emily McCobb, DACVAA, and Dr. Sadie Scott have dedicated their veterinary careers to providing care, and second chances, to the nation’s homeless pet population. They share their thoughts on anesthetic drug and protocol best practices, and how these are shaped by the unique challenges associated with shelter medicine. Viewers from all areas of veterinary medicine benefit from this eye-opening discussion of how successful, compassionate, and efficient veterinary anesthesia can be performed in a high-volume setting, with tips and tricks useful to shelter and private hospital teams alike. Please visit the websites for the organizations mentioned in the webinar for more information, to get involved, or to make a donation in support of their causes.

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