Think Anesthesia®: Anesthesia for Geriatrics

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, in part due to improved availability and options for veterinary care. With increasing age, there is often an increased requirement for anesthetic procedures. Ageing animals undergo progressive and irreversible changes leading to a reduction in physiological reserve capacity. Undetected diseases are also more likely, which can further complicate anesthesia. In this webinar, Anesthesia for Geriatrics, participants gain a fuller understanding of changes that occur in geriatric patients and how to plan appropriately so anesthesia is performed with confidence and optimal outcomes. Upon completion, the veterinary professional should be able to develop a suitable anesthetic plan for the geriatric patient. This involves understanding physiological changes of ageing, the performance of a thorough patient assessment, appropriate drug and fluid selection, risk mitigation planning, and vigilant, responsive monitoring. Following this on-demand webinar, completion of a short quiz is required to obtain your certificate of participation.

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