Think Anesthesia®: Local-Regional Analgesic Options

Think Anesthesia®: Local-Regional Analgesia Options complements our Non-Schedule II Systemic Analgesic Options presentation by discussing how local-regional techniques provide analgesia along the pain pathway, the various local anesthetics and adjunctive medications used in these applications, along with detailed descriptions. This on-demand webinar also includes instructional videos on how to complete nerve blocks in various anatomical locations. We finish the lecture by discussing case examples combining systemic analgesic options and local regional techniques. Upon completion of this on-demand webinar, the participant will understand the benefits of local regional analgesia, how to select and perform the appropriate nerve block, and what medications to consider for the most effective analgesia. Upon completion of the on-demand webinar you will be supplied a quiz. Participants will earn 1 hour of RACE approved CE credit.

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