Anesthesia for Dentistry

While dental procedures are often considered routine in our hospitals, there is no “routine” anesthetic and, moreover, many of these patients are often older and carry various co-morbidities. Fear of anesthesia often is a major factor in client compliancy for admitting their dog or cat for dental scaling, polishing, extractions and other dental procedures. Anesthesia for Dentistry, focuses on developing an individualized anesthetic and analgesic plan for the patient. In this presentation, we review anesthesia as a process and give special consideration to dental procedures performed during anesthesia. We also discuss the preparation and processes for two dental case studies. Upon completion of this webinar participants should understand the importance of individualizing the anesthetic protocol, understand concerns specific to dental procedures, be familiar with common dental blocks and feel comfortable developing an anesthetic plan for a dental patient. Participants will become familiar with the dental blocks including the ability to select the correct dental block, identifying landmarks to perform these blocks and familiarity with the techniques required to place these blocks. 

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