Feline Anesthesia

Feline Anesthesia: The journey continues for Peaches

The Importance of a Good Anesthesia Experience for the Feline Patient


General Anesthesia for Cesarean Section in Dogs and Cats

Successful anesthesia for the surgical patient undergoing cesarean section involves awareness of pregnancy-related physiologi

Feline Anesthesia

Feline Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Protocol Starts at Home

A Good Feline Anesthesia Experience Is Important

Bulldog with Cone

General Anesthesia in Brachycephalic Dogs & Cats

Do pug procedures give you palpitations? Do you bristle at bulldog biopsies? This evidence-based discussion of anesthesia in brachycephalic dogs and cats will help veterinary professionals confidently tackle these cases. With careful preparation, management of stress (for both patient and veterinary team!), and vigilant monitoring, the considerable risks associated with brachycephalic airway structure can be minimized, optimizing the care provided.
Dog on Oxygen Support

Use of Alfaxan Multidose in Emergency Medicine

In this article we will briefly review best practices of sedation and anesthesia to optimize patient outcomes, identify alfaxalone’s attributes as the ideal anesthetic drug and finally, we will focus on walking through some common emergency room cases utilizing Alfaxan® Multidose.

General Anesthesia in Pediatric Patients

Successful anesthesia of puppies and kittens involves close monitoring, considered drug choices, and careful physiological support. This article discusses considerations for pediatric patients, from the impact of immature organ systems to anesthetic approaches that set veterinary professionals up for optimal outcomes.
Capnography Chart

Capnography II - What happened to the elephants? A summary of abnormal traces

In this second article of the capnography we review some of the more common capnography traces you may observe during anesthesia and try to understand them. Scroll to the end of the article to download a printable capnography cheat sheet.

Capnography Part 1 – Not Just a Load of Hot Air

Understanding the associated physiology as well as the constituents of both inspired and expired fractions of the respiratory cycle is key to understanding the capnogram.
Cat on operating table

The Five Phases of Anesthesia

In this article take a look at patient evaluation, pre-medication, induction, maintenance and recovery of Anesthesia
Geriatric Black Labrador

Use of Alfaxan in Geriatric Patients

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, in part due to improved availability and options for veterinary care. Find out how to best manage older patients when using Alfaxan.